Choosing and Applying The Perfect Make-up Foundation

Beautiful makeup requires the perfect make-up foundation. Foundation creates a blank canvas on the face before all f the colors & pigments are applied (i.e. eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc.) Foundation is also a setting agent for your shadow blush and bronzer. Foundation makeup also acts as a barrier between the eyeshadow pigment and the skin’s own natural oils, which would otherwise dissolve the make-up. And because it covers the largest area of the face, foundation needs to blend seamlessly with the skin.

Foundation Makeup for Different Skin Types

Before buying foundation makeup there are two areas of concern that need to be addressed.
Firstly, the foundation must complement your skintone.

Oily Skin
For oily skin that is prone to shine, an oil-free formulation will hinder the production of excess oil, and most contain extra powder particles to dry any excessive oil produced by the skin.

Normal Skin
Normal skin can take pretty much any type of foundation, but a liquid foundation will give ample coverage without looking caked or heavy. Dry skin needs make-up foundation with extra moisturizers to keep it supple. A cream make-up formulation will last longer and also hydrate.

Foundation Pigment: Skintone Match

You want to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. If you get professional spray-on tans, it’s best to wait 24-48 hrs after your treatment to select your new foundation color. The best place to test foundation make-up is on your jaw line. The skin tone in the area is usually the mid-tone between your face & neck. Choose a foundation color that matches the color in that area. During application your foundation will blend in with you face neck & jawline seamlessly and look most natural.

Basically, foundation color falls into two categories;

  • Foundation bases with pink tones
  • Foundation bases with yellow tones
  • Foundation bases with red tones

Dark brown colored foundation usually has a red base so that it can blend well with the darkest skintones. Medium brown colored foundation usually has a yellow base, so that it can blend well with brown & tanedn skintones. Beige colored foundation usually has a pink base so that it blends well with very pale skintones. It is important to choose a foundation that matches your skin’s base, otherwise the make-up will not blend well, no matter how you apply it.

Before applying your makeup thoroughly cleans treat & moisturize your skin. And ALWAYS make sure you wear sunscreen under your makeup to protect you skin from UV rays. You can also purchase makeup that contains sunscreen.

Liquid foundation looks more natural applied with a foundation brush. Again work the brush outwards, taking care to use less around the eye area. Powder or mineral make-up foundation should be applied with a large powder brush; while it will not give the same level of coverage as a liquid, it is a great makeup for those who are pressed for time.Cream-to-powder is best applied with a sponge, starting in the center of the face and working outwards; its done in a matter of moments.

Oily Skin
With oily skin, you’ll need a very good brand of oil-free foundation makeup. Before application, make sure you wash your face with a cleanser specifically for oily skin and use an oil free moisturizer for oily skin. Make sure you do apply moisturizer, because depriving oily-skin of moisture actually stimulates the skin to produce even more oil.

Normal Skin
For normal skin you have the choice of whatever type of foundation you like. But if you know you’re going to be outside in a windy dry environment. You may want to use a more moisturizing foundation. And vice-versa if you’re going to be in a hot n’ sweaty environment.

Dry Skin
With dry skin, you’ll need a very good brand of moisturizing foundation makeup. Before application, make sure you wash your face with a cleanser specifically for dry skin and apply a high-quality hydrating moisturizer for dry skin. You can also keep a moisturizing mist to freshen/moisten your skin through out the day without removing your makeup.

Removing Makeup
At the end of the day also remove your makeup and give your face a good and thorough cleansing. You must maintain you skin to keep your pores small and prevent breakouts. L’Occitane and Acne Free have excellent skincare products to care for and maintain beautiful skin under your makeup.

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